FillPDF Service is a web service (using technology called iText) which lets you:

  1. Populate an existing editable PDF template with web-based form data
  2. Parse PDF documents, allowing you to interpret a template's form field structure

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This functionality can be useful if your website is similar to TurboTax or FAFSA, where a user is guided through web-based forms whose data will later populate a PDF template. If you're trying to do this kind of PDF crunching in Drupal or PHP, this service might be for you (see why).

This is how it works:

  1. You install FillPDF on your Drupal site and choose FillPDF Service as your PDF-filling method.
  2. You upload and configure an editable PDF form (see documentation).
  3. You set up a link to trigger the form to be filled, and Drupal asks FillPDF Service to do the work when this happens.
  4. FillPDF Service sends the completed form back to Drupal, and Drupal does the rest. Usually, that consists of prompting the user to download the completed PDF or saving it to a configured file path.